What is Web Hosting? What is it Used for?

What is web hosting? Is a question that’s become complex to answer in the last few years. At one stage, web hosting was just a tool which used to publish the websites.

Yet, the growth of cloud computing and web applications, plus the accessibility of speedy internet connections means you can use the web hosting services to do jobs for which you previously have used your own computer.

As an outcome, there are various types of web hosting services available, which means for your business, the solution to ‘what is web hosting?’ takes extra scope than before.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting signifies the space on a server called a web server which you lease from another company. You can upload files, folders, databases, and software to that specific space if it is required.

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This type of server isn’t located in your locations. It’s usually kept safely alongside lots of other servers in a special building called a data center. And it’s connected forever to the internet, so you can log in and access your data from anywhere, at any time.

It’s easiest to think of web hosting as computing capacity on the internet which you rent. Some files or data you load into that hosting space now can be accessed online.

What is Web Hosting Used For?

Web hosting is turned on and connected all the time, which means its most frequently used to publish a website. Once you have hosted your website files to your hosting space, and associated with the suitable web publishing package, the resulting website can be viewed by anyone else who’s online.

Though, the answer to “what is web hosting used for?” doesn’t end there. It’s about far more than data storage. One can utilize it to certainly do things to complete useful duties, or to switch IT software and hardware that you track and manage within the room of your own company.

That’s why it’s important to remember that web hosting is not just disk space which you’re renting. You’re also purchasing access to some of that server’s computing power.

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Publishing a website is still the most popular use of the web hosting services. Not only for web hosting it can also use for other things too.

For Example:

  • Storage of Company Data: As internet connections get faster, it’s now commonplace for companies to store data online. This is typically agiler than operating a server on your locations because one can log in anytime from anywhere.
  • Data Backups: Web hosting is the simpler way to take a daily, weekly or monthly backups of any important and can store it into your disk drive. You may simply transfer everything to your hosting space, over the internet.
  • Managing Applications: Usually, companies have run central applications like a client’s database from a network server on their location. But why can’t you run it on your web hosting space as an alternative? In that method, you can gain access to the data or the applications virtually from any location and any device.
  • The Business E-mail: Email is one more very commonly used service for the web hosting. More accurately than organizing to uphold an email server to control all incoming and outgoing emails, one can use the web hosting space as an alternative.
  • Hosting the Intranet Site: An intranet is a private website for the employees within your company. It’s a good place to put company policies, documents and so on. One can upload it to your hosting space and limit the access purely to the employees within your company.


These hosting services are all types of the cloud computing, where you use your disk drive space and computing power to perform tasks for your business. And web hosting is an important part of cloud computing because it’s where those resources live.

Moreover, most cloud computing apps and services that are paid for monthly already come with their own web hosting plans, so you don’t have to think about the hosting service at all. However, if you are developing your own apps, or wanted to install software onto your hosting services, then you need to check carefully that what kind of hosting is required to you.

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