Top 10 Google Analytics Reports You Should Be Checking

Google analytics is the most powerful application. Analytics help to track traffic pattern on your website. The interesting fact about analytics is it’s a free program. Analytics is easy to use and can integrate with AdWords.

Follow the tips and Google Analytics reports for a more refined approach.

Let’s start with Google Analytics Highlights

  • Google acquired analytics from the Urchin on Demand software in 2005
  • Currently, Google analytics used by more than 10 Million websites
  • It offers 80+ reports
  • Easily integrated with Google applications
  • We can track Mobile internet sites & apps

To understand Google analytics reports, you must know the basic metrics in analytics. Metrics help to understand how your website is growing and which area needs more focus.

Understand website analytics with metrics

1. Statistics

In analytics, we need to cover both long-term & short-term data. By default, analytics will display data from last 30 days.

Google Analytics Reports Statistics1

For longer trends, we can expand graph from 3-6 months. That determines page views, search engine traffic and daily visitors.

Google Analytics Reports Statistics2

Long-time trends help us to understand the maximum number of visitors and the number of new visitors.

2. Examine Visitor Activities

Out of total visitors or page views, you need to know how many people are spending more time? And how many are leaving quickly?

You should examine the entrance, bounce rate, and exit.

Google Analytics Reports Bounce Rate

3. Locations

You can understand the flow of traffic from which location is more or less. It helps you to change your patterns and match with respective locations.

Google Analytics Reports Location1

Google Analytics Reports Location2

4. Web Browsers

You need to moderate the website that must be friendly in both old and new browsers. Here the question is which browser the visitor/audience is using.

Google analytics reports will provide data on different browsers of your visitors. You need to optimize your website based on that data like web browser & version, screen size and operating system. This optimization helps you to increase reach.

Google Analytics Reports Web Browsers

5. Keywords

If you mix the content with related keywords, the search engine drives traffic to your website. The relevance popular keywords with more search volume can lead more visitors.

Google analytics reports provide data that related to keywords. That data helps to understand the flow of traffic by using keywords.

In Acquisition > All traffic > source/medium we can view the keyword performances.

6. User Flow

Everybody can’t understand the movement of users by above metrics. With user flow, one can quickly see the changes that are happening on a website with a flow cart.

To view this flowchart in your analytics: Audience > User flow

Google Analytics Reports User Flow

7. Engagement

Engagement refers to the time spent by the number of visitors. The visitors are grouped based on their duration.

To view engagement rate: Audience > Behavior > Engagement

Google Analytics Reports Engagement

Here we can compare pageviews with total visits. The visitors who spent more time may visit more pages.

8. Referrals

It refers to the diversion of traffic from other domains. The referral source may be social media, social bookmarking’s, backlinks or from directories

It is another type of organic traffic which focus on ranking. It makes the website more authoritative.

To view referral traffic: Acquisition > All traffic > Referrals

Google Analytics Reports Referrals

9. Site Speed

The site speed creates the pleasant experience to the browsers. If your site speed not matched with increasing internet speed, the visitors may be fed up.

Analytics helps to overview your internet speed:  Behavior >Site speed > overview

With PAGE TIMING option we can view each page loading time (like 0.8seconds).

10. Social Media

You can measure the referral traffic via social media sources with Google analytics. With network referrals, we can understand where this traffic is coming.

The Network referrals are available: Acquisition> Social > Network referrals

You can also view the visitor’s flow and their interactions with each social channel.

11. Goal Conversions

Goal conversion is an important metric to understand. It is useful to some websites which engaged in business development. You can set a goal to fill some target.

To Set Goals
  1. Click on Admin button
  2. Then click on Goals
  3. To setup, a new goal clicks on “+Goal.”

Goal analytics helps you to set 4 types of Goals: URLs, Time, Page / Visit, Events.

To view results of Goals: Conversions > Goals > Overview

Google Analytics Reports Goal

12. AdSense and AdWords

Analytics help you to see a right place for using AdSense Ad. It suggests the right place where more clicks or impressions possible.

To check your AdSense: Content > AdSense > Overview

We can integrate AdWords with Analytics. It helps you to understand the full picture of how customers interact with your site. After linking AdWords with Analytics, you can view critical data: campaigns, keywords, search queries, display targeting, shopping data.

To overview the AdWords date: Acquisition > AdWords

13. Mobile Traffic

The most of the people are using mobiles to search data. It is important to understand this section of analytics.

To find your mobile viewers: Audience > Mobile > Overview / Devices.

Google Analytics Reports Mobile

The metrics show the type of mobile, OS, screen. It helps you to optimize the data that increase the device responsiveness.

14. Visitor Frequency

Frequency and recency report helps you to understand the visits and build a marketing plan. The rate refers to the count of visits and recency is days since the last visit. You can also view the patterns of visits recorded.

For this metrics: Audience > Behavior > Frequency & Recency

These metrics help you to understand how loyal your visitors are.

15. Real Time

It helps you to save your time by presenting real-time data. You can directly view your report and know your customization is working or not.

Reasons for using real-time analytics:

  1. Understand the performance of ads
  2. Determine the page condition, working or not.
  3. Track the individual users
  4. Know the favorite pages

Different options in real-time analytics are

  1. Overview
  2. Locations
  3. Traffic Sources
  4. Content
  5. Events
  6. Conversions


Top 10 Google Analytics Reports

To work out of the box google analytics provides some great reports. One should have the ability to customize the reports to gain more valuable insights. Anyway, Google provides some templates to create custom reports. The following are top 10 general and customized Google analytics reports.

1. Browser Report

This analytical report is also known as a technical report in analytics. It is essential to understand various browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes.

The five sections that browser report covers:

  1. Browser version
  2. Operating system
  3. Screen resolution
  4. Flash version
  5. Java support

With this browser report, you can make changes in the number of decisions like building a new website, layout changes, responsiveness in design.

The browser report reviews valuable users, reporting issues, traffic fluctuations.

2. Visitors Analysis Report

This report helps to understand the performance of each stream of traffic.  You can see total sessions, unique users, new users and goal conversions. The report can customize according to the selected day, month or year.

3. Audience Behavior Report

This analytical report helps to know how visitors move through your website and which content they are interacting more.

In this report, you can view traffic flow, behavior flow, site content, and speed.

4. Mobile Performance Report

Due to change in the usage of technology, it’s important to understand the mobile performance report. It helps to know about site improvements for mobile responsiveness.

For Example, take two platforms IOS and Android. If the bounce rate is high in IOS, you need more focus on that particular OS.

5. Page Timing Report

It tells us about the page load time of total page views. The time that taken by the browser to process the content/image and make available to the user is page load time. If the browser takes the longest time to load a page, then the site owners should start the optimization.

6. Referring Sites Report

Referral traffic is one of the metrics that Google website analytics uses to rank the website. The referral links also generate organic traffic. The referring site report shows the visitors coming from links, which posted on different sites. In this report paid or organic traffic excluded and its focus on traffic volume, engagement, and conversion.

Fiverr Services Google Analytics Reports

In the referral, we can view the following measurements:

  1. Measuring social media traffic
  2. Identify business listing sites
  3. Evaluate spam traffic

7. Content Efficiency Report

This analytical report project data in 2tabs. One is the performance of content, and another one is the technical performance of data. This report says the importance of content and how content is helping webpages for best performance.

8. Keyword Analysis Report

This report shows the list of popular keywords performance. The keyword is an essential aspect of delivering traffic.

In this report, you can view users, goal completions, page load time of a particular keyword.

9. SEO Reports

SEO reports project the landing page URLs and page titles along with page views and bounce rate. You can examine which page URL is best/worst and need (no page views) to modify them. For additional benefits place the URL in the keyword analyzer tools.

Google analytics strategies to measure SEO:

  1. Focus on organic search traffic
  2. Measuring the quality of traffic
  3. Assigning currency values to organic traffic
  4. Examining the landing pages speed

10. Social Media Reports

This report filters the traffic according to different social media channels. This report displays the traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like channels.

Final Thoughts

Creating the Google analytics reports and personalizing based on your needs help you to save time and get insights faster. The above metrics and reports help you do best in analytics.

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