10 Reasons to Use SEMrush to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Marketing is the main tool in today’s situation where there are plenty of goods and services available. To be on the top of the competition one has to use super marketing techniques. Before the advent of the internet, social media marketing includes advertisements and promotions through different activities. SEMrush competitor analysis will make your website rank in Google SERP’s.

Information technology revolution brought search engine optimization (SEO) requirement. Avail online resources to beat your competitors now.

SEMrush Overview

SEMrush is an SEO tool that keeps track of the keyword strategy and does a keyword search on the website. It tracks the traffic level for each competitor keyword analysis monthly wise. It runs SEO site audit and looks for backlinking opportunities.

Even though there are many tools like Oncrawl, Sitebulb, MOZ, Sistrix, Deepcrawl, Majestic SEO for SEO competitor analysis, SEMrush is being trusted by many for its ease and simplicity.


It tracks an organic position of a domain or it lands URL on Google search engine result pages, website competitor analysis models and much more. It mainly helps with your content marketing.

Now one should clearly understand what content marketing is and how it is related to SEO that is to SEMrush.

A Relation Between Content Marketing and SEO

SEO is something which helps in making your site rank high in search engines like Google, Bing etc. It is mainly based on local keywords, page elements, and high-quality links. All these elements make your website visible first when users type words or phrases related to your website in search engines.

Whereas content marketing involves creating interesting pages on your website with more quality content to attract customers, retain them and to make loyal customers.


Both SEO and content marketing are interlinked, attracting customers using high-quality content is required for online marketing. SEO should be done with respect to search engine needs like keywords, titles, headers whereas content marketing should be done by keeping the target audience in mind like creative pages, blogs, and even seasonal traffic statistics.

To know all these details and to beat the competition levels, SEMrush competitor analysis tool comes hand. Here 10 reasons how SEMrush tool can be used to supercharge content marketing is explained in a detailed way. Click for SEMrush free trial.

1) Keyword Research

Keywords are the words or phrases which helps users to find you through web browsing. Now SEMrush helps in identifying the keywords and sees which keyword is getting more traffic. So it helps in making your own content strategy.

It also gives knowledge about keyword variations with respect to a root word. This gives your idea how users search online for these products. SEMrush gives monthly traffic analysis of keyword searches. It helps in understanding the strong points of top ranking sites in Google.

2) Website Traffic Analysis

By entering the website URL in SEMrush tool you can know how your website traffic is and how you are ranking on Google. SEMrush sends monthly SEO reports in PDF format about your progress, growth rate and traffic statistics over last 12 months. It always helps to analyze our position in this competitive world and helps in taking reformative steps to improve our standards.

3) Strategy Using SEMrush Competitor Analysis

By entering the top ranking websites in Google’s URL in SEMrush tool, you can see the keywords using them and their traffic analysis. This helps us in making our own marketing strategy and getting benefit from competition. It helps in targeting the traffic of competitors gets for their keywords.


4) Suggest New Keywords

The SEMrush tool has a great feature of displaying relevant keywords based on a particular root word. This helps us in finding new and better keywords in our content.

5) Backtracking Your Growth

SEMrush tools help in analyzing progression or regression of our website in Google rankings. It tells us which strategy worked and which did not.

6) Find Better Advertising Opportunities

By displaying advertisements on your blog or website we can make online money. Many companies are ready to pay money for traffic generated through Google AdWords. SEMrush plays an important role in finding those various businesses on a website that are willing to give money for pay-per-click advertisements.

Here it finds using common keywords used by your website and that business firm. This displays information in the form of chart and helps the company to reach you.

7) Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest blogging is something which elevates your rank in Google search pages. This is encouraged by some blogs or websites. Using SEMrush tool one can do research on the traffic levels of those blogs and can make a decision whether it is profitable to do guest blogging on those websites or not.

8) Handling Panda Updates

Sometimes Google updates like Panda are literally content filters which weed out low keyword and poorly written contents. By using SEMrush site audit function one can get information when these kinds of updates hit your website. It helps in rescuing our website form sudden dangers.

9) Backlink Analysis

Having quality backlinks will help your rank in Google search. The SEMrush competitor analysis tool displays the information about backlinks into 2 separate sections like follow and no follow links. By this, you can keep track of good quality links.

Backlinks SEMrush Competitor Analysis

10) Fixing Mistakes in the Website

Using SEMrush site audit tool we can easily sort out mistakes immediately that appear on the website during runtime. It helps in keeping the constant track on our website instead of dealing with more problems at one time.


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