Top 5 Ways to Use Google Analytics Data to Optimize WordPress Site


Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that keeps a track and reports the traffic coming to your website. Launched in 2005, Google Analytics is now the most widely accepted web analytics service on the internet. Its data is used to optimize WordPress site. It is featured with additional two versions.

Since 2005, Google Analytics has provided marketers and website owners with a detailed information about website traffic, users, and contents. Using this tool, marketing professionals can make decisions regarding their promotional strategies, website structure. Google Analytics is the most preferred way to optimize your website and make it run successfully with a lot of traffic coming in.

Ways to Use Google Analytics Data to Optimize WordPress Site

When your website is not ranking on the search engine or you are not able to notice the desired output, switch on to the Google Analytics for insight. Once you are done adding Google Analytics to your WordPress sites for tracking its performance, the next thing you should adopt is to start taking effective decisions. There can be various problems like increased bounce rates, lesser engagements and poor ranking in the search results.

Google Analytics Optimize WordPress Site

Thus, in this case, it is essential to use the Google Analytics data appropriately. The Google Analytics data helps you to keep a track on your website performance and you can easily determine the bounce rates, session time, incoming traffic and much more that can be optimized. The data present in the Google Analytics can help you optimize WordPress site.

Several ways to use the Google Analytics data as listed below:

(1) The Bounce Rate

A bounce is referred to single page session on your website. In Google Analytics, the bounce rate tells you the percentage of users that visited a single page on your site and left quickly. In simple words, some people enter into your site and find it complicated or frustrating and hence leave it immediately. This gradually increases your bounce rate. The goal is to have people interact with multiple pages on your website.

Anyhow, a high bounce rate depends from person to person. If the success of your website depends on users viewing more than one content on your site, then yes, the high bounce is an important factor you have to consider. And if you have a single page content like a blog in which single page sessions are expected, then high bounce rate doesn’t matter. Website pages with a high bounce rate should indicate a red flag.

Analytics Bounce Rate Optimize WordPress Site

Following factors are highly responsible for a high bounce rate:

  • Irrelevant Content

When the content is irrelevant to the topic that people are looking for, it leads to leaving the website immediately and thereby increasing the bounce rate.

  • Improper Format of Content

If the format of the content is not in a proper sequence, the people find it frustrating to go in deep searching for the content. This gradually forces them to leave and visit another site.

  • Slow Loading Time

The response time of your page should be high. If it is slow, people find it annoying and frustrating to wait up for the content. Thus, they leave and visit the next relevant site.

Slow Loading Time Optimize WordPress Site

Other particular reasons that may lead to a high bounce rate are as follows:

  • Pop-ups
  • Poor design
  • Navigation and usability
  • Lack of speed
  • Use of multi-media

Pages with a low bounce rate have contents which are relevant and reasonable with the target audience, serve a purpose or answer a question. One of the best methods to investigate the contents or elements of a page which receive less bounce rate is to perform the split test.

A split test is a method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments in order to improve your web metrics such as clicks, form completion or purchases. The split test allows you to test various aspects of a web page such as a headline, format, and design to see which one does better with your targeted market.

(2) Discover Which Content Holds Maximum Traffic

Another benefit of using the Google Analytics is that you can track and record the traffic coming on your website. Thus, this helps you to determine which content drives the most traffic to your webpage.

Stepwise procedure to find this is stated below:

  • Click on the behavior toolbar located in the left column.
  • Further, in behavior bar, you will find a site content toolbar. Click on it.
  • At last click on all pages bar and sort your content by page views in descending order. This will help you determine the page with most traffic by placing the content at the top.

Optimize WordPress Site

Understanding about which content drives the most traffic is a very essential yet important part to optimize WordPress site strategy. With this data, you can modify and create more contents that can drive more traffic to your website.

(3) Session Time and Average Pages per Session

It is important to know how many pages the users have engaged in a single session. This can help you to determine the relevance of the page with the user requirements. The average pages per session metric on Google Analytics tells you the exact thing. When you log in to Google Analytics, click on the audience section.

In the audience section, you will find the overview section where you can get this data. If your average number of pages per session is low, study your site structure to optimize WordPress site. Users must be able to access your website without any confusions or they may get frustrated and leave the website increasing your bounce rate.

Google Analytics Audience

(4) Traffic Acquisition

Traffic acquisition data in Google Analytics helps you to determine exactly from where your traffic is coming from. By understanding how users are finding your website, you can further plan on improving your marketing efforts. Within Google Analytics, you can bring all your traffic by channels, sources, and medium.

Analytics Chart Optimize WordPress Site

Examples of the channel include:

  • Social Media

It refers to the traffic that is coming directly from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If the traffic coming from social media site is more, you can either focus more on it to improve and make it stronger or you can focus on other weak points.

  • Email Marketing

It basically refers to the traffic coming through the e-mail sent all over. Email with a link is essential and can drive a list of traffic to your website.

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic refers to the traffic that came directly from the search engine. For this purpose, you have to first manage to rank your website at the top of search engines.

  • Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to the users that were referred by someone one else to visit your website. It is also an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Optimize WordPress Site

Understanding all these factors, you can easily determine in which field you need to put more efforts into bringing the traffic to your website.

(5) Identify Weak Pages and Blogs

It is important to know your important pages but at the same time, it’s important to know which all pages are under-performing.

Once you have this data, you can follow the steps as listed below:

  • Add a call to action on your highest exit pages to redirect the visitors to relevant content.
  • Add a related post widget to these pages in order to encourage visitors to stay on the site
  • Edit the contents to add more in-depth information.

Using the Google Analytics reports, you can easily get an idea of which all pages are not performing well.

Web Hosting

Factors that indicate an under-performing content as listed below:

  • High bounce rates
  • Minimum or no traffic
  • Low average pages per session.

Once you analyze the weak pages, you can thereafter work on improvement of those pages. To get among the top ranks on the search engine, do share your website on social media sites likes Facebook, Twitter, Google plus.

This can help you with a lot of incoming traffic on your website which can lead to your successful website. Considering all these factors, you can optimize WordPress site according to your requirements and place it higher in the ranking of search engine which will gradually increase your success.


Google Analytics helps you to determine all those factors that are responsible for your downgraded website rating. Thus, with this exclusive featuring data provided by the Google Analytics, you can ensure to optimize WordPress site and it enhances maximum online performance.

Thus, if you desire to have a great ranking on the search engine with a successful website running popular over the internet, all these factors are to be considered and improved. And hence, for this purpose, it is essential to keep a track of your website performance which is possible only due to this excellent software.


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