How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?


Web hosting is considered as one of the most important factors that lead to a successful website career. Evaluating up the best WordPress hosting for your needs can refine your SEO rates and boost up your sales. When a website is powered by the WordPress software, it requires additional requirements in order to run smoothly with a lot of traffic coming in. Many hosting providers have claimed to be capable of running WordPress sites over their servers, but the fact is that only some can hold up the huge traffic coming in.

Factors Responsible for Selection of Best WordPress Hosting

Selection of WordPress hosting totally depends on your needs. Your needs are always different from that of others. Some of the most important factors to be considered while choosing the WordPress hosting are as stated below:

(1) Price

(2) Scale

(3) Setup

(4) Security

(5) Speed

While publishing a website, it is essential that the WordPress hosting you select is the best and the fastest WordPress hosting. The price of the hosting should be minimal. Similarly, many other factors contribute but these are main factors that affect the selection of WordPress hosting.

Which is the Best WordPress Hosting?

This is the most common questions asked as it is very important that you select the best hosting such that it can run smoothly even if there is a lot of traffic on the website. For this purpose, the WordPress hosting comparison is adopted. It is basically a research that test's all the websites with various tools and evaluate the overall performance of the hosting. It basically uses third-party tools such as Pingdom, Load impact, Bitcatcha to test the reliability and overall performance of each company.

At first, the hosting is provided with sample WordPress sites. Further, the sample contents and images are added up so that it can resemble like an average user website. Once done with this, various tools are used to test the performance of the hosting.

Pingdom, one of the popular industry which leads to speed testing of websites, is used to measure the sample website speed across various hosting providers.

After the speed test, the load impact service is used to send virtual users to the website. Hence, the performance of various hosting providers can be evaluated with huge traffic over it.

And at the last, Bitcatcha services are used to test the response time of the servers in various geographical locations. This helps to determine the best hosting company for a specific region.

Some of the best WordPress hostings are listed below:


Widely recommended by the official WordPress, this company has emerged as one of the largest hosting providers in the era.

As per the test, the performance of Bluehost was very fast in the United States. In rest of the regions, the response time was quite high but still lied below one second.

It is almost 85% faster than other tested websites. After the analysis, Bluehost emerged as the top hosting provider for small business websites. Some the benefits of Bluehost hosting provider are:

  • It offers a free domain as well as free SSL with 63% off on WordPress hosting
  • It is officially recommended by WordPress and hence is completely trusted hosting provider
  • Offers website migrations for free


Hostgator is one of the best companies in the field of hosting provider. The company has hosted over 8 million domains till date. WordPress beginner website is hosted on Hostgator dedicated servers and thus are very reliable. After the various tests, the overall performance of the website was fabulous.

The response time of the website was less than a second which is almost 94% faster than other tested sites. Also, the website ran at high speed with a lot of traffic coming in. In the United States, the results were satisfying. After all the analysis, Hostgator emerged as a fulfilling option for growing business because the company offer plan that grows with your business.

Some of the benefits of Hostgator hosting provider are:

  • It is fast and reliable with good customer support
  • WordPress beginner website is hosted by Hostgator and hence becomes more reliable
  • Offers website migration for free of cost


Site Ground is one of the high rated hosting providers on the list which offers distinctive speed and security solution. The website is highly recommended by the WordPress officials and thus becomes more reliable and trusted. After conducting the various tests, the site loaded in less than a minute which was 95% faster than other tested sites. After the load impact test, the website managed to take up the high load with a smooth experience without any major decrease in speed. The response time of the website was quite high at increasing traffic but still better than all other websites.

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Some of the benefits of Site Ground hosting provider are:

  • Offers best WordPress support
  • Includes satisfying uptime
  • Free SSL and website migration
  • Officially recommended by WordPress and hence is more reliable


Most of the people expect a very smooth and fast experience while dealing with any website content. Hence, it is very much essential to select the best WordPress hosting provider for your website in order to provide a smooth and efficient performance even with large incoming traffic. So, choose out the best and start growing your business all over.

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