7 Top Website Design Trends

Web designing is a process of creating a well-managed and attractive website by considering modern techniques and website design trends. A perfectly designed website not only looks prominent but also plays an important role in growing your business. The only thing one has to keep in mind while designing website is a constant improvement in designs as well as quality.

By adopting some advanced website design trends makes your website classic and trendy. It makes your website more presentable, organized and also improves its functioning to the desired level.

These are 7 top website design trends one can adopt while designing a website.

1. Effective Topography

The organized designs and board have become out-dated and expressive topography have taken place of them. It looks more attractive than a regular pattern and catches the attention of users within a second. Adding logos and slogans in topography makes it more impressive and it presents your product and services effectively. It also improves readability in web design making the text more legible. Simple and well-managed website layout plays an important role in designing and topography helps to achieve that. An expressive topography in combination with flat designs makes wonders for the web design. Nowadays it has become best alternative for designs including heavy images.

2. Use of Vibrant Colors

Colour is the main factor to consider while designing websites. The proper use of suitable colors gives your website attractive look.  Vibrant colors are back and choose it as per the services you present through your website. Vibrancy attracts more users and keeps them interested in your website and content presented through it. Use of vibrant colors make people feel excited and also influence them for a purchasing decision. Colour is a powerful factor which makes your website trendy and beautiful.

3. GIFs and Animation

GIFs and Animation is another notable trend adopted by website designers. Many people are using it effectively to draw the attention of the users. GIF and animation work very well to present your product in details with a process of working and quick guide to using. Using few GIFs while designing can make your homepage beautiful and catchy.

Nowadays GIFs and Animation has become popular to entertain people in the more effective way. One can use many types of animations according to the type of website you have to design. Generally, people get bored when your present lot of text or videos through the website but GIF is a superb way to express information you wish to deliver to interact with people.

4. Interaction Designs

Interactive design is a modern trend which has made things simpler and easy in web designing. Use of interaction design is becoming helpful for UI/UX designers to design efficiently. It draws the attention of the targeted audience and makes them engage in your business. It is the easiest way to avoid complicated effects of designing.

5. Asymmetric Grid Layouts

Asymmetric Grid Layouts is a recent trend we can see in many web designs as well as app designs. It is adaptable to any type devices and has replaced those well-organized and systematic grid layouts. People love something new and trendy and this layout has become popular amongst the people due to its uniqueness. This is a simpler form to present all elements of the web pages in a more attractive way. It makes your website look classic and creative. This is a reason this trend has become the best choice for the many web designers.

6. Mastering Mobile Design

The smartphone is a commonly used device nowadays and the time user spent on it is increasing day-by-day. Making suitable web designs compatible with mobile can be a superb choice. Mobile designs have become the recent trend due to easy adaptability and suitable designs. It is a little challenging to develop yet proves as beautiful website design trends which attract many users in a shorter period. More innovations in mobile designs are expected in coming years.

7. Flat Design

Flat design is the widely used trend in many web designs in recent years. Many popular brands like Instagram and Apple using this trend to design their website beautifully. It gives your website an appealing look and makes it easy to use with simple designs. Heavy loaded websites irritate mobile users as they take a longer time to load. This is where flat designs prove beneficial due to its easy compatibility with every type of device. It enhances optimization and makes your website loads faster.


The effectiveness of a website always depends on how skilfully you design it. The powerful and stunning website always looks appealing and beautiful. It not only catches the attention of the people but also enhances your business by improving purchase rate. Everything regarding website including content, style, look, and function is determined by website design and to make it best you have to consider recent and beautiful trends while designing it.


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